Welcome to the Legal Translation Hub!

Legal Translation is a highly interdisciplinary subject (it’s all in the name!). We organize regular events reflecting this, and have contributions from academics and practitioners from a wide range of related areas.

Having been launched in October 2016 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London, the Hub has recently moved.

We look forward to a full programme of events throughout 2018. See you there!


Dr Juliette Scott

Dr Scott carries out research in the under-explored area of “extra-institutional” legal translation. She recently completed a survey of the commissioning of legal translation across 41 countries, soon to be published by Oxford University Press (summer 2018). She has also developed and trialled an electronic terminological aid for legal translators. Her decidedly interdisciplinary work encompasses, inter alia, corporate agency theory, functionalism, corpus linguistics, comparative law, genre theory, interdiscursivity, and the concept of fitness-for-purpose to inform the various aspects of legal translators’ textual agency.

Dr Scott has a particular interest in continuing professional development and legal translators’ professionalization, and aims to build bridges between translation and the law, and between academia and practice. Alongside her research activities, she has 25 years’ experience of providing corporate and legal linguistic services to law firms, institutions and companies of all dimensions.